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UPDATE: Season Beach Badges will be available for purchase in-person at the Beach Office on Tuesday 5/19/20 and Wednesday 5/20/20 from 9am-5pm as well as on Viply app on 5/20/20 at 6pm.

“Asbury Park Boardwalk and Beaches will be open for Memorial Day Weekend. We know our residents are looking forward to summer. And, Asbury Park has always welcomed visitors—we know how much they help our economy,” said Mayor John Moor, “That said, this is not a normal summer season. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and we need to be smart. We are going to have to limit numbers, practice social distancing, wear face coverings and masks, and make the experience as contactless as possible for the safety of beach visitors and our staff. Our goal is to keep our residents and visitors safe and keep our boardwalk and beaches open. We thank everyone for their continued efforts and cooperation in helping to make 2020 a healthy and enjoyable summer for all.”

2020 Summer Beach Season
The 2020 beach season is from Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 23) through at least Labor Day Weekend (Monday, September 7). Additional September weekends may be added after Labor Day, depending on weather and water conditions.

Beach Hours
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During these hours there will be lifeguards on duty, and buoys and ropes marking off the areas for swimming. Keep an eye out for the safe conditions flag: if the water is rough, follow lifeguard instructions to leave the water. Please do not swim when lifeguards are not on duty.

Asbury Park Boardwalk
The Asbury Park Boardwalk will re-open on Friday, May 22, 2020, if not sooner.

The Boardwalk will be set up for one-way travel in each direction. Pedestrians will be asked to stay to the right when walking. Please follow signage and markings on the Boardwalk.

Social distancing will be required on the Boardwalk.

Benches will be removed from the Boardwalk until further notice to eliminate congregation.

Face coverings or masks will need to be worn (except in the cases where doing so would inhibit that individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age) when: Walking on the Boardwalk; Entering or exiting the beach on beach entry ramps; Using restroom facilities. Face coverings/masks do not need to be worn when swimming or sunbathing.

Asbury Park Convention Hall will remain closed until further notice, however the restrooms will be accesible to the public from the beach side entrance.

City ordinance prohibits dogs on the Boardwalk from May 16 to September 14.

City ordinance prohibits bicycles on the Boardwalk between 10am and midnight.

City ordinance prohibits skates, rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters (except handicap vehicles) on the Boardwalk at all times.

2020 Beach Season Policies
Social distancing will be required on the beach – groups of beach patrons (families, household members, caretakers, couples) must sit at least six (6) feet apart from others.

Face coverings or masks will need to be worn when walking on the Boardwalk, entering or exiting the beach on beach entry ramps, and using the restroom facilities. Face coverings or masks do not need to be worn when swimming or sunbathing.

Overall beach capacity will be controlled by limiting the number of beach passes sold. Individual areas of the beach will be monitored daily and access points may be closed to ensure proper social distancing.

2020 Beach Entry Ramps
Access to the beach will be available at the following beach entrances for the 2020 Season:

Asbury Park Casino, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue

Due to ongoing construction of the north end of the Asbury Park Boardwalk, the following beach entrances will be closed until further notice:

Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Deal Lake Drive

2020 Beach Pass Rates
To access the beach, beach passes (badges or wristbands) must be worn at all times and will be checked on your way onto the sand. Beach passes will be required to access Asbury Park beaches beginning Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 9am and will be required through at least the Monday of Labor Day Weekend. Please note: Beach passes are not required on weekdays until June 15, 2020.

All sales for beach passes for the 2020 Season will be done exclusively through the Viply mobile app ( For the 2020 Season all beach pass purchases will be cashless.

Daily Beach Passes
The number of daily beach passes sold for the 2020 Season will be limited.

Daily beach passes will be available for purchase exclusively through Viply each day at 5pm for the following day only.

Daily beach passes can only be used for the day they are purchased.

Daily beach pass sales will begin Friday, May 22 at 5pm.

Each app user is permitted to purchase a maximum of four (4) daily beach passes each day.

2020 Season daily rates: Monday to Friday: $5; Weekends and Holidays: $7

Children under 12 are free and do not need a beach pass to access the beach, but must be supervised by an adult.

No refunds for daily passes will be given for any reason, including weather or beach closures.

Seasonal Beach Badges
The number of seasonal beach badges sold for the 2020 Season will be limited.

Seasonal beach badges will be available for purchase exclusively through Viply beginning Friday May 15, 2020 at 9am.

Each app user is permitted to purchase a maximum of two (2) seasonal beach badges.

Once beach badges are purchased through the Viply app, instructions will be emailed to purchasers within 24-hours regarding pick-up of physical badges.

Senior and teen beach badges can be purchased through the Viply app at a discounted rate. ID, showing proof of age, must be presented at pick-up.

2020 Season beach badge rates: $70 for adults; $20 for seniors; $20 for teens.

Children under 12 are free and do not need a beach pass to access the beach, but must be supervised by an adult.

No refunds for season badges will be given for any reason, including weather or beach closures. Beach badge fees cannot be prorated for badges bought later in the 2020 Season.

Season badge holders will have access to the beach, though there may be times where specific entries points are closed in order to ensure proper social distancing.

Season Beach Badge Gift Certificates
Gift certificates purchased for the 2020 Season will be honored and can be exchanged for a season beach badge. For redemption instructions, email

Beach Passes for Veterans
New for this year, Retired and Non-Active Veterans will be admitted free of charge, in addition to Active Military Personnel and their dependents, and Disabled Veterans

Active Military Personnel and Veterans must present a Uniformed Services ID Card or an Award Letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs at the at the 3rd Avenue Ticket Booth on the Boardwalk in exchange for free daily passes.

Daily Rates
Monday to Friday: $5
Weekends and Holidays: $7

Seasonal Rates
Adults: $70

Kids 12 and under, Active Military Personnel and their dependents, Disabled Veterans: Free

Teens (13 to 17) and Seniors (62-plus with valid ID): $20

Buy your beach pass through the Viply smartphone app, available on iPhone and Android.

Beach Lockers
Beach storage lockers are available for rent to seasonal beach pass holders on a first come/first served basis. Lockers are available for use starting the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day and must be emptied by the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The renewal deadline for 2020 Beach Lockers is June 1, 2020. The rate is $225. Renewal forms can be returned by mail along with a check made out to "The City of Asbury Park.

There is currently an extensive wait list for beach lockers. To be added to the first come/first served wait list, fill out a Beach Locker Application. Due to the volume of applications, they will be kept on file for 5 years. Should vacancies arise, applicants will be contacted the first week of June.

For questions, email

Tents and Canopies Prohibited
New for this year, tents, canopies and similar enclosures/weather shields are prohibited on City beaches, with the following exceptions:

Baby tents no larger than forty-eight (48) inches high by forty-nine (49) inches wide by thirty-six (36) inches deep which are utilized for infants and small children.

Traditional collapsible umbrellas utilized for shade purposes and/or protection from the weather, consisting of fabric stretched over hinged ribs radiating from a central pole, with a diameter, when opened, not to exceed six (6) feet wide.

A fabric shield which is attached to and extends outward from the top of a beach chair to provide shade to the occupant who is seated in the beach chair.

Restrooms, Showers, Water Fountains

Access to restroom facilities will be limited to one person at a time.

Face coverings or masks will need to be worn when using restroom facilities.

New policies and procedures have been implemented for regular cleaning.

Restrooms will be available at the following locations: First Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Asbury Park Convention Hall (entrance from beach), Sixth Avenue.

Beach showers, water fountains and new water bottle refilling stations will be unavailable until further notice.

Free Beach Playgrounds
The playgrounds at 2nd and 7th Avenue are currently closed until further notice.

Free Wifi is available on Asbury Park Beaches and Boardwalk.

WaterWheels Adaptive Chairs
A limited number of handicap beach chairs are available. For details, visit

Sports & Events
Contact sports, organized events, and summer camps are prohibited until further notice.

For visitor parking information in Asbury Park, click here.

The Eight Avenue Dog Beach will be temporarily closed starting May 16, 2020. Due to construction of the north end, there is no access to the entry point for the Eighth Avenue Dog Beach. The Eighth Avenue Dog Beach will be closed temporarily at the start of the 2020 Beach Season as dogs are not permitted to use other beach entry points during summer season per City Ordinance.

Bicycles are not allowed on the boardwalk from 10 a.m. to Midnight (midnight) (Ordinance 5-4.9) Skates, rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters (except handicap vehicles) are prohibited on the boardwalk.

The area between the jetties on Deal Lake Drive and Eighth Avenue is a closed-to-the-public, surfing-only beach from June 15 through Labor Day

Asbury is home to the Asbury Park Fishing Club, the country’s oldest saltwater fishing club. Before you start reeling in the big catches, you are required to register with the New Jersey Saltwater Registry.

Fishing is prohibited near bathing areas.

Rules & Regulations Alcohol and glass containers are prohibited.

All children in diapers must wear plastic pants with tight-fitting waist and leg bands. Do not wash out diapers in the bathing water.

Asbury Park Beaches are smoke-free.

Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any accidents to the lifeguard.

Conduct that endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.

Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or having any signs or symptoms of gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the last seven days.

Outdoor bathing shall be prohibited during an electrical storm.

Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.

For questions, call the Asbury Park Beach Office at 732-502-8863 or email



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