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Bees on Bangs Workshop Gallery Pop-Up


Location: The Collective Art Tank 529 Bangs Ave

Description: A true collective of local artists, finders and makers building a gallery-workshop space throughout April. Brought to you by @tokenjersey and @paradoxthrift, we are hosting a variety of events from free film screenings to multidimensional healing and Earth Day growing insight. Come connect!

Sound Healing Meditation


Location: 413 Bond Street, Asbury Park, NJ

Description: Come join our weekly group sound healings and guided meditations.

For an hour each Wednesday evening, enjoy the experience of unique sound healings and meditations for healing mind, body and spirit.

Through the use of crystal bowls, guided sounds, singing and chanting we will facilitate your healing journey.

Bring along your favorite meditation mat, pillow, etc. to maximize your experience.

$20 per person
Pre-Registration is required.

A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe
413 Bond Street, Asbury Park

Phone: 848-217-2371. Email:

**Ask us about private meditation sessions

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