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Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony


Location: 417 Euclid Ave., Loch Arbour 07711

Description: The winter solstice invites us to go deep within- into our darkness, our shadows and our layers. From that inner silence we can hear the once muffled sounds our deepest souls calling. Cacao, a warming and nurturing drink, will allow us to sink into our layers and listen closely to the whispers of our Highest Self. Which can then guide us to true happiness, wholeness, and joy. Whatever healing you are meant to receive in order to connect to your heart and listen to your souls emergence, trust that it will unfold in this ceremony and throughout the depth of the winter
During this ceremony, you will be connected with a community of people who are also ready for heart medicine. This palpable connection reminds us that we are all one, on this path, and are walking each other home. You will be guided through various meditations, healing visualization, creative writing prompts, crystal healing and will deepen your connection to cacao as to how it works in ceremony to create clarity and an awareness of your hearts wisdom.
***Please bring your favorite mug and any sacred items for the ceremony***
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