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    Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten will bring an authentic biergarten experience to Asbury Park. It is a tradition that Europeans have enjoyed for centuries - communal tables where friends and strangers mingle in a lively, friendly atmosphere, energized by a regular schedule of live music. The establishment will feature a 9000 square foot outdoor rooftop Biergarten and 6000 square foot indoor hall as well. 25 premium draft beers, and 50 bottles, (including American craft beers) will be offered. The menu is classic biergarten fare, flavorful and perfectly executed--including wursts, schnitzels and more. The Festhalle will be a place to gather to experience incredible food, music and community. The root meaning of the name "Fest-halle" literally means "Feast-Hall," but is best translated as "Festival Hall". Festhalle can be found in many towns and cities in Germany, and range in size and use from small neighborhood activity centers, to large capacity stadiums able to seat thousands of spectators.

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