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  • Local 130 Seafood was formed on the basis of giving back to the local coastal communities. Small fishing towns up and down our coast are the places we grew up visiting. The memories of eating steamers on the boardwalk or having lobster by the bay, stick out in our minds. These are the images Local 130 Seafood will focus on preserving for years to come. Sadly we are currently importing over 90% of our seafood and turning our back on our local fishing community. We want to put the focus back on the men and women that are laboring our shorelines, fishing our oceans and farming fish on US soil. Local 130 Seafood works hand and hand with American Fishermen to bring their product to market. With your help we can keep these communities thriving for generations to come. We offer local or sustainably sourced fish at competitive prices. The fishing industry has been the pillar of many communities for hundreds of years. Whether it's Boston's groundfish fleet, New York and New Jersey Oystermen, seafood has been a foundation for our communities. We need to support and enable them to grow. We offer local wild caught seafood direct from Fisherman. We are an advocate for responsibly raised domestic aquaculture. Our long term objective is to educate the consumer on how their purchases affect economies of scale.