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Metered Parking

Most parking in Asbury Park is metered parking, including the Bangs Avenue Parking Garage. You can easily download the app Asbury PARK or ParkMobile to your phone for convenience. No need to worry about remembering a space number, just enter your license plate number.

Methods of Payment:​

After you have paid at the meter machines, please keep your receipt (no need to display it in your car). You may use ANY meter to buy or add time.

Metered parking is suspended on the following days:

Report difficulties with the parking meters or concerns to the City of Asbury Park Parking Authority Phone 732-502-4562

Parking Lots

These parking lots have hourly or day rates, depending on the day of the week or event.


The City of Asbury Park strongly encourages all residents and employees to apply for their permit using The Permit Portal. Beyond that, the Permit Office is open: Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm. Your permit will be linked to your license plate, therefore there is no need for hangtag or decal.

Resident Permit Parking:

The cost and availability of a residential permit is dependent upon the zone and the number of permits purchased per dwelling unit. Applicants MUST provide proof of residency and proof of vehicle registration in Applicant’s name. For Proof of Residency Applicants must provide either:

Employee Permit Parking

Employee Permit parking cards are available for 5-Day users and 7-Day users. The 5-Day pass allows employees to park in designated areas from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm. The 7-Day pass allows for parking from every day, including holidays, from 9am to 2am.

Applicants MUST provide proof of employment or business ownership AND proof of vehicle registration.

*For Proof of Employment/Business Ownership Employees/business owners MUST provide either:

– or –

*For Proof of Vehicle Registration

*The cost and availability of an employee permit is dependent upon the type of permits purchased.

Annual Quarter Schedule:

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