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Greetings From Asbury Park

Welcome to Asbury Park in Monmouth County, NewJersey, a beach city unlike any other. Equidistant between New York City and Philadelphia, Asbury Park is a funky, artistic, and off-beat city driven by entrepreneurs and creative spirits.

Asbury Park’s business community is as vibrant and diverse as its citizens. Our summer months might make the most headlines and draw the biggest crowds, but Asbury is also home to a year-round community of residents and businesses. Business centers include the Boardwalk, Asbury Avenue, the Downtown Business District, Springwood Avenue, and the Main Street corridor. We would love for you to join our business community!

New Business Checklist

  1. Before securing your location, complete a Zoning Compliance Application in the Zoning Department to make sure your planned business is a permitted use in its location.
  • Fee: $20
  • You Might Also Need: A Permit

2. If you are doing renovations, repairs, upgrades, change of use, etc., get a Construction Permit and Zoning Permit.

  • Fee: $10 for Zoning Permit, Construction Permit fee based on scope of the work.
  • You Might Also Need: to submit architectural plans to the Monmouth County Health Department

3. If you are not doing construction on the site, visit the Construction Department for a Certificate of Continued Occupancy.

  • Fee: $200 

4. Pick up an application for a Mercantile License at the City Clerk’s office

  • Fee: starts at $100 
  • You Might Also Need: a sidewalk/cafe license

5. When you are ready to open, schedule Mercantile Inspections through Code Enforcement, Fire Department, Zoning Department, and Construction Department.

6. When all signatures for inspections are obtained, return to the Clerk’s office (with your Insurance Certfiicate and Certificate of Zoning Compliance) for issuance of your Mercantile License!

7. Remember to renew your Mercantile and/or Sidewalk/Cafe License annually.

TOTAL TIME: Estimated 1 to 6 months

TOTAL FEE: $320 and up

City Hall

1 Municipal Plaza Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Tel 732-775-2100


City Manager 732-502-5755

Zoning 732-502-5724

City Clerk 732-502-5720

Construction 732-502-5722

Code Enforcement 732-502-5742

Fire 732-774-7400

Tax Assessor 732-502-5750

Police 732-773-1300

Public Works 732-775-0900

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