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  • The Culinary Education Center is a collaboration between Brookdale Community College and Monmouth County Vocational School District. The Culinary Education Center offers a comprehensive, innovative food preparation and management program of study to students. The high school curriculum is designed to provide entry-level workforce skills and while attending their home school and the Culinary Education Center our students are also have duel enrollment status with Brookdale Community College. Our students may choose from an extensive variety of courses of study (15.5 credits college credits). This will provide a seamless transition into the Brookdale Community College Culinary Program here at the Culinary Education Center. Our students can continue in the Culinary Arts Associate Degree program the fall semester following graduation. During the high school year Seabrook Village, Tinton Falls housed one Culinary Education Center culinary arts classrooms providing yearlong externship experiences for over 60 secondary students. The facility offers state-of-the-art kitchens, lecture rooms, and computer/distance learning labs stressing the application of technologies for instruction as well as in the culinary industry. Trained on campus or in worksite locations with collaborative hotels and restaurants, students experience both school-run and work-site food service operations designed to prepare students for a career in the food service/hospitality industry.

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